Principles of Anti-Oppressive Community Engagement

The Principles of Anti-Oppressive Community Engagement for University Educators and Researchers are intended to mitigate the harms that can result from community-engaged teaching and research and support the development of systems of accountability between campus and community stakeholders.

Download or read the whitepaper here:

Next, the authors (Rebecca Riccio, Becca Berkey and I) intend to co-create an accountability toolkit to facilitate dialogue between university faculty, staff, and students and our community partners in order to co-define and then practice what accountability means in our specific disciplines, fields, or contexts. For me, this is archives and libraries.

Here is a little zine I put together about them for the 2021 Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning at Northeastern.

You can download it here:

Here is an updated zine I put together for the MIT Digital humanities 2023 symposium. You can download it here:

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