Boston Data Projects

haymarketHere is a scratch pad of mapping, data, history projects related to Boston.  I will continually update it as I come across additional projects




Tufts’ Boston Streets Project (2004)

Collection consists of 11 Boston City directories converted in to structured data, >3000 images from Bostonian Society photographic collections, and browse-able atlases from 1874, 1898, and 1928.  “Orthographic images of modern day boston, and vector data from the boston redevelopment authority and MassGIS are used to ground the Boston in its modern context:”

Mapping Boston at HistoryPin

Mapping Boston’s Religions, 1800-1880: Brandeis Omeka project

USGS Historical Coastal Topographic Map Image

City of Boston’s Enterprise GIS system   

It also has a great indexed property viewer.  Each parcel in the city has a number

Boston Redevelopment Authority’s links to available current maps:

Massachusetts Historical Society digitized maps, 1648 (depicted)- 1814

Boston Public Library’s Leventhal digitized map collection

Boston Area Research Initiative (via the Dataverse)

Metro Boston DataCommon: An interactive data portal and mapping tool with information about the region’s people, neighborhoods, infrastructure, and environmental resources.

Boston Public Library’s open data initiative


Boston Displacement mapping project

Citizen Noise sensing project