BPS Desegregation Project history, collaboration and growth (part 4)

bps_deseg_proj(This is part 4: part 1 is here, part 2 is here, part 3 is here)

Parners presented on the project (DPLA Fest and NEA, spring 2016, and will again at OAH presentation April 2018).  Word was spreading about the collection and about our willingness and eagerness to add additional partners.  The National Archives in Waltham joined the project in fall of 2017.

With our widget complete, we decided to officially announce the project.  We wrote a press release and agreed to announce the collection on Feb 1, 2018.  We worked hard to bring this information into non-archival spaces– working with the City of Boston and Boston Public Schools to have the collection announced using their communication channels.

Along the way, other opportunities to embed archives into racial equity and social justice work presented themselves.  The first was an opportunity for me to serve on the Race Equity Working Group of the Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Race Equity  with Chief Resilience Officer, Atyia Martin.  I wrote about my experiences in the blog post Boston Race and Resiliency

The Mass Cultural Council also sponsored serveral neighborhood reading circles on Desegregation called “The Harvest.”  Several educators in my neighborhood worked together to sponsor one of these readings– it was held in October 2017.  The flier we put togethe is here. 

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